FCPA Compliance


  1. Comprehensive evaluation to determine a company’s needs.
  2. Counseling on anti-corruption matters.
  3. Development of Integrity Policy (Anti-Corruption Manual), for legal entities.
  4. Review of the policies, procedures and controls of the institutions, in accordance with the applicable legislation on anti-corruption.
  5. Implementation of a comprehensive anti-corruption compliance program.
  6. Analysis and review of international provisions that may impact the client (FCPA, UNGC, Anti-corruption Plan, or Language Plan).


Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo 748 – PH (Penthouse)
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Mexico City, Mexico


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C&C Asesores

<p>Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo 748 PH<br />Miguel Hidalgo, 11590,<br />Mexico City, Mexico</p>