Tax Compliance and Consulting


  1. Advice on federal and local tax matters.
  2. Implementation of national and international tax strategies.
  3. Attention to requirements filed by the authorities for the fulfillment of tax obligations.
  4. Attention to refund requests.
  5. Negotiation and representation before federal and local authorities.
  6. Monitoring and attention to the exercise of verification powers by the authorities.
  7. Attention to electronic revisions.
  8. Confirmation of criteria before the SAT.
  9. Alternative means of conflict resolution, such as the promotion and attention of complaints, consultations and conclusive agreements before PRODECON.
  10. Analysis of tax obligations and compliance.
  11. Preparation, review and/or presentation of Provisional Income Tax Payments, definitive VAT payments, DIOT and Annual Income Tax Return.
  12. Analysis, drafting, review and/or filing of informative return on the tax situation of the DISIF
  13. Analysis, drafting, review and/or filing of relevant transaction returns.
  14. Certification of VAT credit balances for the financial system.
  15. Review of compensations and preparation of Defense File.
  16. Review of reports generated by the ERP in order to identify deficiencies or opportunities in obtaining information for tax calculation.


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Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo 748 PH
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