Accounting and Financial Services


  1. Codify the checking policies (and/or transfers) according to the information contained therein and the corresponding vouchers.
  2. Prepare the income policies based on the information and documentation covering the deposits and any other transaction or bank movement (validation of collection controls – consecutive billing).
  3. Prepare the journal entries, for which we will require the necessary documentation that relates to transactions not involving actual cash movements, while also providing us with complete information describing the operation, so that we have sufficient elements to make the accounting record thereof.
  4. Preparation of bank reconciliations of each of the checking accounts, requesting clarification derived from the corresponding review. Make the corresponding records in the authorized books for tax purposes.
  5. Financial Statements will be prepared including analytical relationships when required by the company for specific purposes (bids, credit rating, Board presentations, audits, public reports to investors, etc.) upon request.
  6. To codify and send, on a monthly basis, the accounting information (electronic accounting) requested by the Tax Administration Service (SAT), in full and timely compliance with the provisions of the Federal Tax Code.
  7. Determine the necessary information to comply, among others, with tax and social security obligations.


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Calz. Gral. Mariano Escobedo 748 PH
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